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-Preorder available now, shipping starts late September 2016.

The Batterymax is a battery adapter that allows the use of commonly available Dewalt 20v max  batteries to be used in place of Anton Bauer gold mount batteries.  The Batterymax provides an economical solution for powering cameras, steadicams, lights and monitors.  The batterymax has a precision DC-DC converter, which ensures a constant voltage output.  Batteries are monitored and protected by a microprocessor based system, which monitors battery voltage and output voltage.  The batteries are Hot Swappable, which allows them to be changed one at a time, without powering down your device. The Dewalt 20v max batteries are inexpensive and readily available, and the chargers are fast and silent.  The batterymax provides an ideal battery solution for everyday battery use, or as a backup battery.  With 2-5ah Dewalt batteries, the Batterymax provides 200wh of power, equivalent to Anton Bauers largest onboard battery.  The Batterymax can be used with Dewalts bluetooth enabled batteries, which allow battery monitoring from your phone.  Batterymax is compatible with all Dewalt 20v max battery sizes.

-13.8V Regulated battery output @ 10A (custom voltages are available)

-Microprocessor monitor and protection of batteries and output.

-Hot Swappable batteries

-5.8" x 4.4" x 1.6"

-Weight with 2 5ah batteries, 3.4lb


Price Comparison for 4 batteries


Batterymax                                                         Anton Bauer

8-Dewalt 5ah batteries (200wh)     $560            4- Digital 190wh batteries        $2340

2- Dual Chargers                           $176             1-Anton Bauer LP4 charger    $1079

Batterymax Adapter                       $585

Total                                              $1321                                                            $3419

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